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Change your look, start with a new hair style


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Summer is here and for sure that you want to have a makeover, but you do not know how far you want to go. That is the moment when Hair master is useful, because you can have a digital test before going to the hairdresser.

Thanks to the built-in assistant you will be able to change your style by following simple steps. HairStyle, eyelashes, earrings, eyebrows, eyeshades, accessories, hat, lens, lips, necklace, rouges, glasses,... Decide what you want to wear today and know how you will look.

Open your photo and follow the steps of the assistant, the steps, of course, are different if you insert a photo of a male or a female.

Finally, you can use it to have fun, add red hair, sunglasses, big lips and yellow eyelashes to your friend´s photos and share it by e-mail.

The demo version includes a limited number of hairstyles.

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